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Kingdoms Of Magic® is a fictional fantasy series. Kingdoms of Magic® is based off the story of a young village boy named Zalem that finds out he's a prince that has been denied the life of a prince. Zalem fights through many obstacles and it seems that the fight never ends. There are all the normal parts of life in the kingdoms, but there are so many more astounding events that will 
        BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!
Kingdoms Of Magic® is a series that will take you on a magical ride that your sure to be indulged in. This series is full of ups and downs, and twists and turns, that take you roaring through life in the Kingdoms Of Magic®.       
The second installment of the Kingdoms Of Magic® is about to take these Kingdoms into a whole new era when magic enters the kingdoms. Many new faces arrive and familiar faces that have changed sides but this is just the beginning of the wild new ride the Kingdoms of magic will take you on. The question is who will be around to see it unfold?                                  
  Author - Denaye McKoy

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